Coffee Brand Logo

Logo design for a Coffee Brand that wanted a logo that was modern and simple, yet still had a classic feel. The logo features a minimalist coffee cup with the shop's name in a sans-serif font.

Health Care Logo

A family health care logo should use a symbol that represents a medical center or clinic that caters to the health needs of families. This type of logo usually features images or illustrations that convey the idea of wellness, care, and support, such as a heart, a tree, or a family holding hands.

Initials Logo

An initial letters logo is a design that incorporates the first letters of a company's name or brand into a visual icon. This type of logo can be simple or complex, and can range from text-based logos to more abstract designs. The benefit of an initial letters logo is that it allows companies to create a strong, recognizable brand identity using only a few letters. It can also be a great way to make a brand name easier to remember, especially if the name is long or complex. Overall, an initial letters logo is a popular choice for companies looking to create a memorable and effective visual brand identity.

A jewellery shop logo is a symbol that represents a unique and eye-catching design that should represent gold or luxuriness like adding a diamond icon etc

A Food Stall logo is a visual representation of a Food Stall's brand identity. It typically includes the name of the Stall, an image or icon that represents the cuisine or atmosphere of the establishment, and sometimes a tagline.

Networking Company Logo

A Networking Company Logo is a visual representation of a company that provides networking services. The logo typically consists of symbols and typography that convey the bonding and connections with a touch of tech related things.

Food Stall Logo


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Jewellery Shop Logo

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